Decompression Therapy

Do you suffer from neck or back pain? Do you have shooting pain, numbness/tingling, pins/needles, or burning sensations down your arms or legs?  Have you tried other therapies including PT and chiropractic? Do you want pain relief without having the risks involved with surgery? Then call Dr. Andy Roberts at Nashville Neck & Back for more information regarding decompression therapy in Madison, TN.

What Is Spinal Decompression?

Spinal decompression therapy is a non-surgical option that involves slowly stretching the spine. Decompressing the spine relieves the pressure on a bulging or herniated disc. Doing so takes the pressure off the disc, which takes the pressure off the nerves, and allows for proper healing and pain relief.

Our spines degenerate over time, this is a normal process of aging. However, there can be segments that degenerate faster than others as a result of trauma or repetitive stress over time. This causes damage to the disc…herniation or bulging. Once a disc is damaged it can be very difficult to heal as our discs are not highly vascular (good blood supply). Spinal Decompression solves that problem by stretching the disc and allowing nutrient-rich blood to be absorbed into the disc.

Is Decompression Therapy Painful?

The quick answer…NO. You may feel some stretching in the neck or low back, but this is the desired feeling for Decompression. In addition, Dr. Roberts will customize your Decompression treatment specifically for your diagnosis and needs. Lastly, Dr. Roberts wants to offer this treatment option at an affordable price. If you have been introduced to Decompression before only to realize that you can’t afford the care, call our office today. You may be surprised at how affordable this treatment is at Nashville Neck & Back.