Why choose Decompression Therapy at Nashville Neck and Back

We currenlty have 3 spinal decompression tables which allows for easy scheduling including one in a private room. Unlike other “decompression clinic” that force you to pay in full, we offer multiple payment options to make this process as easy of possible. And if you want to pay in full, we offer a significant discount for paying up front.

Dr. Roberts strives to make decompression an affordable treatment option. If you’ve already been to another office where they quoted you $5000-6000 for care, please give us a call and see just how affordable decompression is at Nashville Neck & Back.

Testimony from Mrs. J.B.:

“I went to ***** office in Gallatin because I wanted to do the decompression. I just couldn’t afford the amount they wanted me to pay. Thanks to Dr. Roberts I was able to afford the exact same treatment and I’ve never felt better.”