Dr. Roberts at Nashville Neck and Back now offers his patients the perfect solution to getting better posture and balance with 3D Laser technology! The results correct many of the problems caused by foot imbalances like back pain– and the solution is the perfect orthotic that is designed specifically for you.

Foot Levelers Custom Orthotics uses a 3D scan to map your feet. The data collected by the 3D scanner is then sent to Foot Levelers where they customize a specific support for your foot. This superior structural support is essential to maintaining the body’s equilibrium.

You’ll experience the difference the very first time you step into a pair of shoes equipped with Foot Levelers. Not only is wearing the shoes more comfortable, but you will also find it much easier to walk, run, and simply move without pain. Functional orthotics from Foot Levelers corrects these imbalances, alleviating pain, and reducing the risk for additional problems.

Dr. Roberts can scan your feet in just a few short minutes. The software will generate a report that we can email you and that report will explain the following:

Using the Foot Levelers 3D custom 3D Body View imaging system

Dr. Roberts will show you exactly how your feet are currently impacting the kinetic chain (how your joints and segments have an effect on one another during movement and may be causing pain or imbalances to the rest of your body.)
The process is based on NASA technology; the 3D Body View system is highly precise and accurate.
Designed with the ultimate goal of creating the perfect orthotic, the system identifies asymmetries in the feet through arch height mapping.
Next, it will show you exactly how these differences in the feet are impacting your body. The entire foot assessment takes place in minutes for instant results.
Even better, the assessment can immediately be sent to Foot Levelers so they can promptly begin production on your custom orthotics.

During the foot assessment, the 3D scan will show where your feet are applying pressure. Some patients may have lost arch support or arch height that result in the flattening and rolling of the feet, which can then lead to knee rotation, abnormal pelvic tilt and shoulder drop. Such conditions can then lead to additional problems including lower back pain, hip pain, neck pain, and plantar fasciitis.

Proper alignment starts with the feet. Dr. Roberts adjustments will properly align the spine but, when a patient’s feet are not aligned properly it can cause issues with the spine, knees, pelvis and even shoulders. Custom orthotics that give a complete measurement of your feet and include pressure points and depth of arches are essential for the most immediate and lasting relief. Ask Dr. Roberts for a FREE scan and see if you can benefit from the latest technology regarding your feet. The foundation to better posture and the solution to easing low back, hip, and neck pain starts in your feet.