Are you eating your vegetables? I get it, life gets busy and it’s not always easy to prepare a healthy meal. Juicing is a great way to supplement your diet with the nutrients that many of us are not getting on a regular basis. There are many brands of juicers on the market. I recommend the Breville Juicer…click here for more info on this brand. If you are new to juicing, don’t be intimidated. There are tons of recipe books and websites that have healthy and great tasting options. I’m going to list below one of my favorite recipes. If you lack green vegetables in your daily diet consider trying this great tasting Green Juice.


2 cucumbers

4-6 green apples

1 bag of kale

1 lemon

2 inch piece of ginger


Wash all ingredients

Peel the lemon.

Peel the majority of the cucumber

Core the apples

Add the kale first

Add the remaining ingredients and enjoy!!!